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MAUI MOORING SERVICE utilizes the state-of-the-art MANTA RAY MOORING SYSTEM. MANTA RAY anchors are driven in, not augered or torqued. NO HOLES ARE DUG, thus there is no disturbance or displacement of soil or sediment during installation.

MAUI MOORING SERVICE has been installing the MANTA RAY ANCHORING SYSTEM since 1995. We are experts at what we do - always protecting the fragile marine environment. We are available to install other type(s) of anchoring system- including cement blocks upon special request as per permitted drawing.

MAUI MOORING SERVICE has installed moorings in and around Maui including installs at Molokini Crater, Ma'alaea Harbor, Sugar Beach, Lahaina Harbor, Ka'anapali and Mala Wharf.

DISCLAIMER: MAUI MOORING SERVICE is not responsible for procurement of any permits as required by government authorities. It is the responsibility of the buyer to acquire and maintain any necessary permits.

Maui Moorings
Maui Moorings


STEVE MADARAS-Steve is a licensed U S Coast Guard Captain with 40+ years experience on and under the water. He has been doing commercial diving since the late 1960’s and recreational dive instruction and underwater photography since 1973. He is the Founder of the CATALINA ISLAND MOORING PROJECT, a non-profit formed to protect the delicate reefs around Catalina Island, California. In 2002 Steve & Diana packed up their cameras, dive gear and mooring equipment and moved to Maui. Steve started MAUI MOORING SERVICE and SCUBA LUV MAUI in the same year. He loves what he is doing and is still dedicated to protecting the marine environment.

TIM MADARAS– Tim is one of five Madaras sons, but the only son to chose the ocean as his lifetime career. Tim is a Captain, Scuba Instructor , co-owner of Maui Mooring Service, owner of Tiny Bubbles Scuba, co-owner of Scuba Luv Maui, an Underwater Photographer, and is the Foreman on ALL of MMS projects. There can be current , dirty water, and zero visibility... but between MMS crew and Tim, you will have the “best of the best” securing your boat/mooring system!

DIANA MADARAS– Diana is also a Captain, Scuba Instructor, co-owner of Maui Mooring Service, co-owner of Scuba Luv Maui, and runs the office for Maui Mooring Service, Tiny Bubbles Scuba, and Scuba Luv Maui. You won’t see her running the jack hammer, but she may be sending down tools and equipment to Steve & Tim.