Underwater inspections are perhaps the most important, but most often the most neglected of all maintenance performed on your vessel. One of the primary purposes of inspections is to detect any deficient conditions which require immediate remedial attention. Inspections on a regular basis prevent large repair bills later or even having your vessel go adrift....
Inspections should be scheduled on a regular basis. Boat owners can do this themselves or hire the commercial diving services of Maui Mooring Service.

Sample Mooring Maintenance Program:

A) Monthly
1- Inspect all buoys and pick up lines for condition.
2 -Clean pick-up line of growth and replace if necessary.
3 -Clean buoy and check for cracks. Replace if necessary.
4- Inspect and clean exposed portions of the buoy through line and replace as needed.

B) Every 3 months
1 -Inspect downline and housing for wear and tear. Replace if necessary.
2- Inspect shackle for wear or damage. Replace if necessary.
3 -Inspect manta chain. Examine contact area between chain and shackle.
4- Inspect anchorage and surrounding area, looking for signs of movement between anchor and surrounding substrate.

C) Every 6 months
1) Inspect/Replace buoy through line and pick-up line if system is used on a regular basis.

D) Every 6 to 9 months
1- Inspect/Replace pin in downline shackle.

E) Every 24 months
1- Inspect/Replace downline if needed.

NOTE#1: if you are in an area where there is rough water, swells or if you use your boat a lot it is recommended that all shackle pins are replaced every 6 months to ensure the pin will not break.

SECOND NOTE: All owners are responsible to maintain their moorings. You should have a commercial diver regularly inspect your system. If you are capable of having this done yourself you will need the following:
1) Welding equipment
2) Cutting equipment (both underwater and topside)
3) Spare parts such as chain, line, locking pin, shackles, stainless steel wire, lift floats, Mooring Buoy, etc.
4) Access to scuba gear, air fills, lift bags, and an Underwater Scooter for strong current diving.
5) A small boat or dinghy to work from.
6) Knowledge of the Manta Mooring System
7) Knowledge of scheduled tidal changes, currents, and general local water conditions. ( This is especially true for west Maui ansd Sugar Beach - Kihei, where the currents can be running in excess of 5 knots. The Underwater Scooter really comes in handy to fight the current, and to move equipment around underwater...)

If you are interested in a proposal to maintain your mooring(s) . We can put your mooring on a regular maintence schedule or you can call us as needed .
If we previously installed your mooring, we assume you have been doing regular maintence to assure your boats safety, and the safety of others! If not able, we are here to help !

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